Friday, April 6, 2012

The Evolutionists Are Coming ….


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Oh My God!!!
They come with an attractive or a charming smile.
They start conv. without any intro.
They put forward their purpose of coming at once.
They tell that I descended from an ape.
They tell that every thing floated together
They say again that everything managed to stay that way
But I offended at it and said an outright NO. to it.
Sorry Dear ones, this is untrue and I can’t believe it.
You must stop this false propaganda,
Which has no solid evidence to show?
The Bibles says that God the Almighty created everything,
The Earth, Moon, the stars, seas and everything in it - living and non-living.
I firmly believe that, and sure it’s true too.
I can’t even imagine that I belong in a zoo.
Oh! My God! What a horrible and pathetic situation that will be!
Instead I believe in God’s Word that He created me in His image!
What a pleasant thing it is to think that way, and its true too!
Because everything the Bible says is happened and is happening too!
So you too must believe what the Bible says.

Saying this I presented each one a New Testament Pocket Bible
I procured the other day from the local book store.

I am sure this will make you to believe the other way round.
Without uttering a word, they just left my place.

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