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Grapes And It's Great Benefits...

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Summer time is here again, grapes are all around.  It is no doubt one of the summer fruits in india and elsewhere.  It is considered as one of the best nutritional fruits and a most beneficial fruit for health.  It is also known as “nectar of gods” in India.

It is estimated that more than 65 million metric tons of grapes are harvested annually throughout the world.  80% of its total harvest is used to manufacture wine.  And only 13 percent is sold as table grapes which people eat raw. Rest is used in drying into raisins and in making juice or jelly or for canning.  It has a high sugar content which makes them a great source of energy.

Here are some good and great health benefits nutritionists recommend.

The contents of antioxidants  in grapes boosts the immune system in human body thereby prevents from many ailments.

It prevents the formation of tumors in the body that helps to prevent cancer, it is proved that purple-colored grape juice helps to prevent breast cancers.

If takes regularly cough and acidity related ailments  keeps away from them.
It is also used as a good  best cure for constipation.
Since it contains lot of nitric oxide, its intake helps to reduce the formation of blood clots thereby reduces the chance of heart attacks. Its daily intake helps tremendously to reduce blood pressure.

Flavonoid contents found in grapes helps to reduce the level of HDL (good) Cholesterol, it helps to prevent the heart blockage. 

It also helps to reduce body weight.

It helps to repair damaged cells in the body.

It is proved that it’s a very good remedy for migraine, take a cup of juice daily without sugar will helps to prevent migraine.

It works as a good purifier by flushing out harmful toxins from the body

Red colored grape juice contains strong antiviral and antibacterial properties, that protects from getting different kinds of infections.

It is also used for treating asthma and Alzheimer’s disease.

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