Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jesus' Second Coming Is At Hand

When I was thinking about the next Alphabet “C”  for the A to Z blogging  many words came to my mind but keeping every other words aside I just started thinking about the Lord Jesus' second coming. Yes His Coming is very important to any Christian believer, waiting for His coming is the ultimate aim or purpose of any believer.  Thus this write up for today.

Again my mind started thinking about its seriousness.  But unfortunately most of the believers are just neglecting about it and living a careless life.

suddenly a story I heard in my Sunday school classes came to my mind.  The teacher was talking about a rich man and his assistant, The rich business man was a Christian believer and he was having vast resources and income thru his business.  Though he was rich and had everything he was not a proud man instead he was a very simple man and he led an exemplary life.  Along with his business activities he spent lot of time to spread the good news among his associates and workers.  His assistant too heard the Good News of Gospel several times but he never heeded to his words,  one day after talking to him about Jesus Christ and salvation the rich man said,  "Sam, when the Lord Jesus comes you may have my business and you may have all my assets and you can take everything I have now. Hearing these words the assistant baffled at him but at the same time he thanked his master for his wonderful offer.

That night the assistant went to his bed, but could not sleep , instead he started thinking about his master’s offer. When Christ Jesus comes his master will go to heaven, then what will happen to me? Do I need all these things he offered? What will I do with that, what will happened to me after that, such thoughts came to his mind and he could not sleep that night. 

Morning he got up from his bed and rushed to his master and said, Sir, I do not want anything of yours either money or house or any assets.  I want to know that I am also going to heaven. The rich man led his assistant to heaven.

My dear friends, what will happen to you when Jesus comes?

Did you ever thought about it? Your dear ones may go to heaven but what about you? You might have heard about Jesus and His Gospel several times like the gentle man in the story, but never responded to it instead you have put it off.

This is the right time to take a decision on it.

That will be the greatest of all decisions you have ever made. You can rejoice in that decision.
Are you ready to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord or are again going to keep this aside.  Are you ready for the Lord Jesus to come? Or will you want to be left behind when others will take up to heaven?
His coming is at hand ! Are you ready to receive Him.

Please visit this link to know more about his signs of His coming Read Matthew Chapter 24 here at this link. It gives a clear picture about jesus’ second coming
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  1. It is nice to read about a person's devout faith. It is not for me, but I think it is beautiful to see it in another human being--no matter what their faith. :-) It is nice to "meet you."

  2. One of my favorite children's hymns is called, "I Wonder When He Comes Again." I can't remember all the words but several of the phrases are, "will I be ready then?" and so forth. It's a beautiful song.

  3. Happy Easter to you! Greetings from one A - Z challenger to another:)

  4. Good thoughts here.
    Great alert and great invitation to the perishing souls
    Keep up the good work m'm :-)

  5. Nice to find other believers in the blogging world! I try to honor God in my writing, but only occasionally address religion directly. Come visit me in my Ballpark (just click my name) Nice to find you!