Friday, April 6, 2012

Beware!!! These Foods Are Dangerous To Your Body!!!

Just after posting the days post on food My eyes suddenly noticed yet another shocking news on food.
The Big business food producers hide harmful effects on their products.

The largest circulated daily in India (8th in the world) "The Times of India" in its edition reported about this news this way:

"Big food brands hide harmful effects: CSE

'Claims of Zero Trans Fats Untrue'
The Times News Networks  Kfc's chicken zinger 
New Delhi: Delhi base NGO Center for Science an Environment has alleged that leading food manufactures are guilty of "large scale misbranding and misinformation by claiming that their food contains zro trans fats even though tests show heavy doses of it.

Most popular junk foods contain very high lecvel of trans fats, salts an sugar - which invitably lead to sevvere ill health and iseases like obesity and diabeties, " CSE said it released the results of test carrie on 16 major food brands that the young particularly like Maggi and Top Ramen nooles. McDonald's food, KFC's  fried chicken and Haliram's Aloo Bhujia. howver these findings wer dispute by the manufacturers.

CSE Report says:

Maggie Noodles/  Single pack contains 3.5 g of salt; daily recommended intake is 6 g. Negligible fibres;  70% just carbohydrats

Top Ramen Super Noodles (Masala)0.7g trans fats/100g. Though company claims zro trans fats.

PepsiCo's Lays (Snack Smart) 3.7g trans fats/100g. Earlir sold as zro trans fats chips but claim knocked of later.

KFC's Chicken Zinger
16.9% fats McAloo 8.3% fats. 35% cakirues ub veg burger come from fats; 47% in non-veg.

 THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZTION (WHO) SAYS:                                                                    
An Adult male can have 2.6g of trans fats a day. female 2.3g and a child 2.3g            

Tough these are the findings the companies version is different and they respond:

Nestle  Says: "As per our analysis for many years, trans fats level is well within international recommendation.

McDonald Says:  "We go to a lot of effort to ensure our food is safe for customers and have stringent quality checks.          

Anyways we the customers need to be more alert with such types of food intake
This is no doubt a great alert especially to the younger generation.

Times of India, New Delhi    
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  2. It comes to me as no surprise. Many food producers do that in less developed nations.

  3. Hi Jeremy,
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    Even developed countries are involved in such activities. We need to be more alert and need to be educated our people around especially the children.
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