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X is for Xenophon The Greek Soldier /Writer

X is for Xenophon The Greek Soldier/Writer

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Xenophon was Greek   soldier, historian   and a writer.  His important contributions are books about Socrates and about the Greek history.  He was born in Athens of a noble family. Though he was studied under Socrates, his main interest was military subjects than philosophy.

Xenophon, who served under the Persian King Cyrus, wrote about the turn of the fourth century B.C. expedition in his book Anabasis and about the upbringing of the Persian king in his book Cyropedia.
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His book Hellenica talk about the major history of Greek from 411 to 362 BC.  His book Memorabilia and Apology tell lot of things about the Greek philosopher Socrates it is very different from the writing of Plato's accounts about Socrates.

Xenophon's other major writings are:

The Polity of the Athenians and Lacedaemonians
Anabasis (on the retreat of the Greeks who had fought for Cyrus)
Constitution of The Lacedaimonians
On Hunting
On The Art of Horsemanship
On The Cavalry Commander
Ways and Means

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