Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Health: Some Basic Health Tips From The Bible for a Happy Life.

Some Basic Health Tips From The Bible for a Happy Life.

As I said in one of my previous post, about the World Health Day and its celebrations, today also I want to say something about health only.  As today’s  Letter for A to Z goes with the letter H

As the old saying goes, Health is Wealth.

No doubt its true!

But in this busy world or ours many are not much conscious about their health aspects.

They just live a life as they like and at the end face so many complications with the physical body.

But such things on this earth are temporal  and I am going to talk about the health of a believer beyond this life on earth.

Yes, the God Almighty has stipulated few health laws for us.

This is very simple as we compare with the worlds standard.

Those are: Proper diet, proper exercise, right living, and the key things to a Happy life.

Since He is our Creator He know very well about our well being.  And He wants us to be happy and healthy.  Yes, He is like a father to us and He takes care of His children’s needs.  Here one need to know that to receive his favor one need to have the  faith.   We need to have faith in him that He takes care of us, if this is not there even God cannot work in you.

This Faith eliminates fear and tension in us.  These two are the greatest cause of many of the diseases and ill health.  When you have faith you have peace of mind and half of your problems will eliminates from you and you will have a victorious and happy and healthy life.  Fearless life  give peace to body and mind and then give rest to your nervous system, stomach, and many other vital organs in your body

John chapter  4:18 we read like this:  “There is no fear in Love, but perfect love casts out fear because fear hath torment.  He that fears is not made perfect in love.” So faith in God gives you a perfect peace of mind and in return it soothes your body and mind. Peace of mind is the greatest asset to health, at the same time worry kills the body or the immune system slowly.  So people who know the Lord well need not have worry or the connected peace less life.

So obey God’s natural laws and enjoy the peaceful life

Since God has given us a good body, let us take care of it, let us not to abuse it, no doubt it’s a shame too.  So these days many are abusing it  frequently with harmful junk foods, chemicals, pills, drugs, alcohol, and subjecting it to many kinds of stress and risks, Read 1 Corinthians 3L 16,17
So make note that we cannot abuse it by not giving them proper diet, proper rest, and exercise.

Let us follow God’s simple natural laws.

(Points here mentioned are  from a recently heard message from a Christian Preacher).

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  1. Health is very important, and balance too. Eating natural foods that are good for us and provided by God is also very important. Nice post.