Saturday, April 13, 2013

Be Sure To Know Your Future!

Be Sure To Know Your Future!

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Yes, Yes, Each person must know and make sure about their future.

Please don’t mistake me; I am not going to ask you to go to the fortune tellers or Sooth Sayers.  They can’t predict it, even if they do, it all goes wrong, and that is the true story behind their future telling.  Not even a one percent comes true.

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But you can know your:
Yes, The Bible, or The Word of God only can tell your future destiny! Yes, it is the only real Newspaper which predicts the exact future of the human.  All other Newspapers of this world only talk about history; yes the things happened the other days.

But Bible tells very clearly what is going to happen tomorrow.
Did you check this out?
If not get one and search in it you will find your future there!
It is a bundle of prophecies which is happened and which is going to happen in the future.  Yes, it tells what is going to happen tomorrow. For that matter take a newspaper of today in one hand and in another hand take a Bible and read along, you will find things happening exactly what is mentioned or prophesied in the Bible.

So make sure to know your future before the time ends. 
The Bible says:  The end of all things is at hand, so make sure to know your future from the Bible.

May God Bless.

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