Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Illegal

I is for Illegal

From time immemorial we the humans are breaking the laws made by God, 

Even today the same trend is continuing,

Apart from God’s law, the rulers or the administration are making laws and by-laws to have a smooth administration. But with much care we break it; yes, we are very expert in breaking these laws very easily. And again more expert to come out from the punishment of the country.

Each country is following this trend.  What to say even these days the law makers of our country, the politicians and the administration join together and making illegal activities and breaks the law, mainly to amass illegal wealth.

God made human to obey him and to follow His laws, but sadly the human is gone away from Him and living according to his will and plan and planning new new methods to break such laws.

What we need at the moment is a law fearing citizens and well as law fearing administration.

Many are out there to believe that one day surely such day will come.

Let us wait for such a wonderful time ahead.


  1. When you don't follow the laws, you end up with big trouble!

    1. Yes, Sherry, I fully agree with you, yes, we invite more troubles. But sad to note that even sometimes we feel that these man made laws are made just to break it LOL.
      Yes, what to say sometimes no quiet often the law makers themselves breaking this laws. That is the sad part of it, Thanks for sharing

  2. My husband complains we have too many laws to contend with. The most ridiculous one so far is the one in NYC, that it's against the law to buy a big gulp cause its unhealthy???? And isn't it common sense to where your seat belt??? Breaking Gods laws is another pot of boiling water.