Monday, April 1, 2013

A for Addiction.

What is the meaning of the word  Addiction? 

The Oxford English   dictionary  says: "A 

person addicted  to something, dependent on 

a   substance or devoted to an activity."

Yes, when we think of this particular word  

quiet often our mind goes on to think or  

easily connect to the addiction of drug, 

alcohol, smoking etc.  of course no  doubt those are some of the major  

addiction in individuals  life, but here I  am talking or want to point out

about  the word addiction, that is to say that anything excess in use  or

involve in will come under the category of  addiction. some of you  may be 

thinking about watching TV or  Cinema.  Yes  that too is yet another way

of addiction.

Of course these days I think we are all especially the  one who are involved

in these activities called blogging or for that  matter internet surfing is one 

of  the greatest addiction we are all  involved in. I am sure we need to 

finish the stipulated target in many activities or duties, in such cases this 

may go in a different  angle.  Anyways whatever may be we need to have a 

control on anything which is going beyond limit or excess. 

My question now is can any activity of ours be an addiction in our life? 

Yes, one hundred percent its possible. If we involve in anything excessive 

in life means we are addicted to it, or it becomes an addition.  And it 

slowly becomes a dominant thing in his or her life. It slowly consumes him. 

If we ourselves put a control over it, it surely eat up our time energy and 

at last our health.  How and why I selected this word is yet another story.

Yes, its purely personal but I am sure I would like to reveal it in a later 


So let us be more vigilant when we involve in any activity.

Are you addicted to something?

Are those addiction taking out your time?

Are those addiction eating up your health?

These are few of my question I want to put forward to my fellow beings here at a 
to z challenge


  1. Not addicted to anything in particular,, but that makes me sad.. I wish I had any

    1. Hi lishana,
      Thank you so much for your kind visit and comment
      OMG! So far no addiction, that is really good and wonderful. Pl. don;t opt for one, that eat away your time and many things connected with it LOL
      Keep inform

  2. I think I might quite possibly be addicted to the internet and surfing in general. It takes up too much of my time and my family are often heard calling me off it and to spend more time with them.

    1. Thanks a lot Daydreamer,
      For your kind visit again
      Yes, in one way or other we are all addicted especially to the net thing LOL
      Keep inform