Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mathews (Ashish) my younger son....

Some of his Action Pictures

Mathews (Ashish) my younger son turns a teenager on 13th April 2013.

Few things about this little one!

He is a good artist and created many art forms, sad to say that I could not collect all and kept it safe for further use. Many of his artistic works from a very young age lost in transition.  The reason for this I admit that I could not gave much attention to keep it safe.  Instead I took it very lightly and a good number of his works lost, or misplaced.

He started scribbling on notebooks at a very young age.

In the recent days I could procure few of his creations, last year he started creating arts on paper and he posted few pics in one of our blog pages.You can see some of those pictures here at this link:
Mathews Blogpost in Philipscom


  1. Cute little guy, best of luck with the art. A-Z

    1. Thanks Sandy for the kind visit
      Thanks for the compliments too,
      Keep inform
      Best Regards