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R is for Reading

Johan The Little Reader, Pic. by Ariel
R is for Reading
We learn to read in our childhood days and at a later stage we read to learn. Ok this is understandable, then why do we read even after our adulthood or our education is completed?

Is it really required after passing through such a stage of completion?

Yes, this kind of thinking stops people from reading,  please don't think that way and stop reading. In fact reading is fast diminishing in these age.  But note that, reading is one of the important activity in education.  It is a must, and should practice it very religiously.
My Sons Charles & Mathews 
at OM Book Exhibition. Pic.  by Ariel

Yes, its a continuous process and I think it should be continued till our death.

Yes, one need to read a lot to gain knowledge.  In the writing field too reading is an essential part.

Read, Read Read, and then write write write
Let this be our motto, the person who reads well
writes well.

Not only that reading adds many advantages into our life, research shows that those who are more involved in reading activity are able to concentrate on their particular subjects and they communicate well. it is confirmed that what the nutritious foods gives to the body likewise ones reading gives to his mind more and more knowledge as nutrition.

A Picture from inside the logos ship
at Vishakhapatanam, pic by Ariel
By reading secular books, of course you gain knowledge, but one thing is very important to note here is that reading Bible is my first priority in reading,  First the Word of God and then everything else.

hey, what are you talking about?

in this modern world, what is it that you are talking about an old book or an outdated book!

No, Never it's not an outdated book my dear friend, its an up to date book, you hold Bible in one hand and hold today's newspaper in another hand and read, you will realize that what is written or appeared in the newspaper is written years back in the Bible. Many prophecies are fulfilled and many are fulfilling and many yet to fulfill That is what the Bible is!

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So by reading the Bible you not only gain knowledge but also gain blessings, yes it brings blessings in one's life that he understand about the creator and his plan and purpose towards man.   Reading of it brings repentance and by that one get eternal salvation, and thereby everlasting joy.  This is the great difference one can find in this miraculous Book.   Yes, Reading the Bible reminds us of our duties, and also it produces reformation. 
The Bible says: 
"Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy  and keep those things which are written in for the time is near. (Revelation 1: 3),

Hey, What do you read?

And Why do you Read?

And What type of book you read?

And What is the ultimate purpose of your reading?

I would like to hear from you.

Please do air your view in the comment box so that we can communicate each other on this great and valuable subject.

May you all have a great and wonderful and above all a Blessed day. 

Yours in Him 

Ann P V

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