Friday, April 5, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge: Today's Letter is "E" And 'E' Is For Electricity, And It's Shocking Too!!!

E Is For Electricity And It's Shocking Too!!!

Today while I  was watching a comedy show on TV  i heard an interesting question to the audience.

"Which is the most shocking or dangerous city in the world?"

Initially that question made me little perplexed 
and on a second thought i got the answer 
Yes, no doubt it is the Electricity.

Because today morning while i was browsing
through the morning news paper i read the same news too:  "The government is going to increase
the present electricity tariff to almost to a double."

Indeed, that was really shocking too,

What a coincidence!!!

This State is going to give shock to each consumer, for that matter almost all states in India is on the same boat. 

The reason for this is last year's shortage of rain fall.   Yes, we did not get enough rain in the
previous year. 

Oh My God !!!

This is too much!!!

The earth is really getting warmer and warmer everyday; and the water level is reducing to an alarming low level, that the existence of human beings on earth is also becoming dangerous every day.

One side the alarming price increase on every item and ordinary citizen's life on earth is becoming verse to verse.

Shock waves are coming from every side!

Not only from electricity department but from all sides or from every corners.

The Price raises one side, shortage of food items
and drinking water are on the other side.
In short life on earth is becoming crucial to everyone.

Oh God Where Are We Heading to !!!

What is the end of all this!!!

Only you can give and answer to this!


  1. We just need to live each day, believing that we can make it. That's the humal spirit at it's best.

    1. Hi Francene,
      Thank you so much for your precious time.
      Thanks for the insightful thoughts.
      Will come back to you later today
      Keep inform