Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is For Coffee: Some Facts.

C is For Coffee: Some Facts.
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The Morning Coffee
An unavoidable one isn't it?
 The Coffee is an unavoidable item in life for many, especially for few without this can't even get up from the bed.

But be cautious:  No doubt coffee gets the most attention, and at the same time notice that it contains more than a thousand compounds, most of which affect your body badly.

Coffee specially the caffeinated king-cab have unpleasant side effects if you drink in excess, irritability insomnia are some of the effects.  Coffee especially the Filtered one espresso can also raise your cholesterol level.

Drinking in excess for example for or more cups a day may increase bone loss and will be in a higher risk for hip fracture. 

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Doctors says, "limit your coffee intake to a minimum of three or even less a day will be more safe.

People with diabetes should reduce or even stop drinking this. If not caffeine can temporarily raise blood sugar level.  More and more evidence are showing coffee to higher blood pressure, too, so  you may have to avoid it for a better life.

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