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Q is for Quarrel: Why Quarrel in Between When We Meet Together?

Why Quarrel in between when we meet Together?

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A write-up on the pages of one of Our Malayalam Blog friends made me to think on the word “Quarrel” for the word today at A to Z Blog Challenge.

Though the writing on the wall says slightly a different meaning, it can leads to the word quarrel too.

In Malayalam it is written like this:

"മദ്ധ്യേയിങ്ങനെ കാണുന്ന നേരത്ത് മത്സരിക്കുന്നതെന്തിനു നാം വൃഥാ.."  Ajith Kumar

The exact meaning goes like this: when we see in between why we compete each other unwantedly?”

Though the word compete has the meanings fight, war, rivalry, fight’ etc generally it is used as competition.  Anyways here I want to emphasize something on the word "Quarrel".

The dictionary meaning says that- a squabble, disagreement, dispute, petty fight etc.

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In fact quarrel generally takes place from a petty issue.  In most of such cases when we go deep into it we can come to the conclusion that its reason behind many of the quarrels are very simple and some times we feel very funny too when we come to know about that silly reason.

In most such quarrels we can know that it all just started because of jealousy.  Jealousy is the main culprit in most of the quarrels.

We need not go much far, just take the case of some blog writers, if a person is doing well in his writings and many comments and appreciations are pouring in and many joining in as followers suddenly there erupts a kind of jealousy in few fellow writers and some even pass sarcastic comments in their blogs or elsewhere on the nets.  And in few cases the soft hearted one may even leave the blog/web arena.
This is even true in relation to  some office politics too.  When one colleague is doing better in his particular area others may get irritated and there erupt a kind of jealousy which may sometimes even leads to a kind of quarrel.

What to say, and whom to blame, this is there from time immemorial, from the beginning of the creation the first man Adam’s children is the best example to this.  Cain becomes jealous of his brother Abel and he even killed him.  This is history and no one can deny it and it’s still continuing. 

Quarrels between politicians, and celebrities and what to say even among the so called preachers of the Word of God are continuing.  Quarrels between states and nations are the order of the day.

It’s a dangerous trend and needs to stop it; only by obeying God’s word genuinely one can find a solution to this, Yes, no other option is available on this earth as a solution to this.

May the Good Lord help you to find these in the page of Bible.
A version of it you can read it Here

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