Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 6 At A to Z Challenge: Letter for Today is "F" "Do You Know Your Future"

Do You Know Your Future

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A to Z Blog Challenge 2013
I am sure this word “Future” is an interesting word for the day 6 at A to Z Blog Challenge.
I am sure too that most of us in sometime or other worry about their future.  

These days we can see many people going after the sooth Sayers or astrologers to know about their future, this is really sad to note that these so called sooth Sayers do not know anything about their own future, how then can they tell about others, and their future, its really sad and at the same time looks like funny too.  Politicians and film actors and other celebrities are on the run towards these astrologers when they feel their future is in a bleak stage.  In this link you can read a related article under the title.  Astrology A Christian perspetive written by P V Ariel.

Also these days we can read good number of columns/ reviews in newspapers and web writing about the political future or countries and leaders, most often these too prove as false.  We can call these writings are history papers. Not future predictions or future events.
Anyways, what is next, what and how one can know about their future.

Yes, there is a way, The Holy Book the Bible says about it.

 The Bible predicted many things thousands of years back is even before the existence of
 most of the people. Thousands of prophecies predicted thousands of years back about
 people; place, events etc are came into being. Refer the Bible Book The Old Testament to find 
more such predictions come true. even today many are fulfilling in front of our eyes, but people 
are afraid about their future and run after the so called peace givers or the sooth sayers.
If we look at the  situation today  it is filled with fear and confusion, since the political social and 
economic conditions appear to be  increasingly getting bad to worse.  Yes, fighting or war 
between people and nation are on the rise, famine, water scarcity, environmental pollution, 
corruption among people and rulers, crime in family and society everything on an increasing 
level.  And the world is growing darker and darker and people think their future too is in dark 

These and such things will happen at the end time, this is predicted by the Bible years before.

But still there is hope for the future.

The present turmoil and chaos will end one day if you go thru the right path.  Yes, for those who 
love Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior and Lord there is hope and no doubt they 
need not worry about their future.  The Bible is very clear on this line that such people’s future is 
safe in the hands of God.

Make sure that your future is in the right place Is it in the hands of the Savior of the World Lord Jesus Christ? If not make a decision to Accept Him as your Lord and Savior.  John 3:16
Read following Bible verses. Luke 21:28; Matthew Chapter 24:34


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