Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is For Philip Verghese Ariel My Hus….

P is for
Philip Verghese Ariel My Hus….

Need More Space to talk about my Better Half.

But Space and time constrain me to cut short it to few lines LOL.

Though he is such a lovely personality, I have never seen such a short tempered gentleman in my life. LOL

Though there and many occasions to have fight with him in regard to such short tempered situations.  The interesting part is that with in no time it gets subside altogether.  That is really the Joyous side of it.  And ha, By the Grace of God all is well till today. J

To know more about this gentleman’s activities please click on to the below links:

He Writes in Malayalam Too.

Here is the link to his Malayalam Page. 

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