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Y is for Yogurt: Yet Another Wonder Working Food For You…

Y is for Yogurt: Yet Another Wonder Working Food For You…                                               

Yogurt is one of the healthiest foods which boost the whole body health. In other words, a wonder working food stuff for your daily intake.

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It is discovered by accident 4,000 years back when nomads stumbled upon a new way to preserve milk.  Asia, the Middle East and Mediterranean countries have enjoyed yogurt for years.  It is a very popular food in many parts of the world.  Reports say that Yogurt consumption in the United States increased considerably in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Its medicinal aspects are noteworthy.   This creamy delicious food fortifies the immune system, and strengthens bones, helps you lose weight, prevents digestive disorders and fights bad breath.   It is rich in calcium, protein and friendly bacteria.  Like milk, it’s an excellent source of phosphorus, potassium and vitamin B.

It is proved as one of the best bet for expelling bad breath.  A Japanese research found that regular usage of yogurt banished bad breath tremendously.  By taking three and a half ounces of plain sugarless yogurt every day helps to remove the bad breath.  Continuous use of yogurt for about six weeks among 24 people, completely removed the smelly sulfur compound hydrogen sulfide (a major culprit behind bad breath).  It is noticed that they had less bacteria on their tongues, less plaque, and healthier gums.

Notice that the plain yogurt can work wonders, go for a plain one, if need little sweetness you can add your own honey for fruit. The above mentioned research says that they all used yogurt contained live bacteria.  When purchase from shops look for the label “live”, “Active” this shows the yogurt contains living bacteria, which benefits your digestive system.  Also notice that in Indian cookery people use yogurt for cooking, but heat will kill these good bugs in yogurt and gives less benefit.  So use it without cooking for obtaining the maximum benefits
It is one of the best remedy for diarrhea patients.  Diarrhea patients should eat more yogurts to get the maximum benefits.

The bacteria in yogurt keeps your immune system healthy.  It also helps maintain the balance of gut bugs, giving you stronger immunity against infections like pneumonia.
Yet another research conducted among a group of elderly people reveals that those who ate yogurt recovered from illnesses 20 percent faster

Though it’s not a magic pill, it works as a miracle medicine to reduce your body weight.  By adding this delicious creamy treat to your daily diet may help shed more pounds and burn fat faster than cutting calories alone.   Scientists say the calcium in yogurt may keep your body fro absorbing the fat in foods.

Yogurt can be taken as a wonderful between-meal snack.  Both thick and liquid yogurt drink will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than fruit juice or any other diary drinks.  The yogurt intake for weight-loss plan will also give you the calcium you need to keep your bones strong.  So make sure to add this wonder working food stuff in your daily food. 

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