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T is for Tomatoes

T is for Tomatoes

Tomato is an essential vegetable ingredient in most of the cooking all over the world.  It is considered to be a native of South America; it was brought to Europe by the Spanish priests in the early 16th century.  Initially it was grown only as an ornamental plant and was called ‘love apple’. Many considered them poisonous, and also considered as a cancer culprit. Because they are related to many poisonous plants. Because of this till 1800 this was not considered as a food.  In 1860 only it was discovered as a good food or as a vegetable. Interestingly now it holds second place among vegetables, potato stands at the first place.

Later studies revealed that these are all baseless and it got nutritional value and health giving qualities. It is rich in calcium, phosphorous, vitamin C and carbohydrate, Vitamin K and A.  Another content Lycopene—a phytochemical which play and important role in preventing disease. 

Cooked tomatoes may deliver more lycopene, but raw ones have more vitamin C, and make this a regular part of your diet.  The unpeeled tomatoes give you more lycopene, beta carotene, kaempferol and quercetin.  The studies reveal that it can prevent four types of cancers.  Tomatoes can lower the risk of digestive tract cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.

It also significantly reduce heart attack.  It is one of the most powerful deobstruents of the Meteria Medica, it removes disease particles and open natural channel of the body.  It is a good natural stimulant for kidney and helps to wash away the toxin which causes diseases. It is also a good cleanser. Take a very ripe tomato, some fresh whole milk and water then blend it and strain and remove the pulp, take the juice to an equal amount of milk, store in the refrigerator,  apply to the face and neck, once or twice a day leave it for 10 minutes and rinse. It’s a good cleanser.

Because of its low carbohydrate content it is a very good food for diabetic patients, it is very effective in controlling the percentage of sugar level in the urine.
It prevents night blindness, short sightedness and other diseases of the eye caused by the deficiency of the vitamins.

Eating a tomato early in the morning is found to be very effective in preventing formation of urinary stones.
It’s also used in treating obesity.  One or two ripe tomatoes taken early morning before breakfast for a couple of months helps reduce weight and also supplies the needed food elements to preserve the health;
A glass full of fresh tomato juice mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper taken early in the morning is considered an effective remedy for morning sickness, biliousness, sluggishness and liver disorders, jaundice, indigestion excessive formation of gas in the intestines, constipation diarrhea due to indigestion.

The juice of the whole plant including leaves mixed with equal quantity of till-oil is heated until all the watery part is evaporated and the oil is preserved in a bottle. Massaging of this oil over painful joints and sprains gives a great relief.

A recent study says that tomato based foods significantly reduced heart disease risk.  Tomato sauce and pizza were very effective. The potassium content in tomato controls the high blood pressure.

Eating more tomato prevents wrinkle and many other skin diseases.

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